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New Day – New Beginnings

This morning – I’m getting ready For whatever happens I feel stronger I lift up my eyes to the light, to the horizon, to the sky The new day is breaking Today I feel more ready To battle the demons … Continue reading

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This is what it feels like to have (had) cancer…

The sun may shine and the kids may play – you may hear laughter, song, and you may dance.. BUT I will always be with you You will think of me with every stitch you get in your side I … Continue reading

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My Debt

I have borrowed a lot in my life and I am in a great deal of debt. My husband was vigilant throughout the time I was receiving chemo-therapy.  There was never a time when he was too busy to attend … Continue reading

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It’s a do-nothing kind of day

“Maybe I should do laundry?” Nah — “Maybe I should make some soup?” Nah — “How about going for a walk?” Been there – did it – thank goodness – first thing this morning. “Why no energy?” I don’t know. … Continue reading

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Go back to bed!

The turkey bones simmer on the stove.  The promise of turkey soup tantalizes and awakens my taste-buds.  The smells are intoxicating.  They are exciting.  They evoke gustatory pleasures that almost make me feel guilty!  Yet, something within me speaks even … Continue reading

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It’s Just a Cold

“My throat is sore, Kevin”, I whined to him this morning.  “I can’t go for a walk”. His response, “Okay, then.  Just rest.” What a normal conversation.  What a typical scenario.  This morning, I did just that.  I went back … Continue reading

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That was then – this is now

Let me Juxtapose Yesterday with today Uncertainty – stillness Fear – inner calm Losing my hair – growing my hair Ignorance – wisdom Blind faith – insightful faith Loss – Gain Conflict – Inner peace Seclusion – Community Cancer – … Continue reading

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Who am I?

I am not cancer. I am not a threat. I am not contagious, judgmental, or rude. I am not selfish. I am not cruel. I am not self-centered. I am neither fatalistic, nor pessimistic. I am not naive. What I … Continue reading

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Two days to go…

Two more days will bring me to the first anniversary of my cancer-posts!  And funnily enough, here I sit, post cancer.  What an interesting play on words… something I have always enjoyed doing.  In fact, my very first post – … Continue reading

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One year today

It was one year ago – today (figuratively speaking) when my world was turned upside down.  I remember the blood rushing from my head, the feeling of nausea, and words spinning so frantically that nothing was audible.  Well, almost nothing. … Continue reading

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