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Dig Deep, Stretch Far

It was a long fall.  Or so I think I remember it being that way.  I recall the trees were hesitant to give colour to their leaves and, once they had, the colour was rather, well, lack-lustre.  At least that’s … Continue reading

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Time in a Bottle

My hair is just starting to grow back.  Right now, however, it looks like fuzz, almost goose down.  It’s not right.  I’m thinking I’ll shave it off to let the new hair breathe.  If the new hair EVER comes in. … Continue reading

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Funny, the things that motivate us.  I never gave self-motivation too much of a thought… until I found myself bribing my own self to do things.  Only then did I realize the true “value” of things to me. I really … Continue reading

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“That” September

It will be two years ago in two weeks.  Hard to believe. In fact, almost impossible. Two years.  I’ve been fighting that long. I remember almost every detail.  I remember my students.  I remember the singing and dancing.  I had … Continue reading

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Into the night

It was dark this morning.  The kind of dark that wraps itself around you enough that you don’t want to get out of bed because you think it must still be midnight.  The kind of dark that whispers “stay in … Continue reading

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