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Good – Night – Irene

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“I think once I’ve had that Benedryl it’ll be good-night” “Good night, Irene!” replied my nurse today at chemo. “How did you know that song?” I asked her feeling rather stunned. “It just came…

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A “Super el Nino” for Christmas? Of course!

El Nino, translated, means “the little boy”. How much more appropriate could it be that we are experiencing a weather pattern known as a super el-nino – since tomorrow is “that little boy’s” birthday! And a super little boy – … Continue reading

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Why do I write?

“I’m off to write my blog,” I explained to my 12 year-old David this morning.  He had risen good and early to capture every moment of his two-week vacation from homework and volleyball practices. “Will you read it to me … Continue reading

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Hair’s to Neva!

“I’ll bet you are looking for Neva?”  asked the young man standing behind the reception desk of the hair prosthesis store yesterday. “In fact, I am”, I responded hoping to hear an affirmative response from him.  It was last winter … Continue reading

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There are few things more valuable than a sincere, heart-felt, “thanks for everything you do”. These words, which my husband spoke to me this morning, were like a salve to a wound, a bow to an arrow, manna from Heaven. … Continue reading

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Do you know why today is so great?

I woke up to snow this morning, wishing that Kevin would neglect to bring a coffee and wake me up to go for our walk.  I was tired.  I listened carefully for sounds of his feet on the kitchen floor … Continue reading

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There is extraordinary in the ordinary

At first glance, it may have seemed to be an ordinary dinner.  But to me – it was a dinner beyond compare.  I could not have imagined a better celebration! The table – had been set in what was, truthfully, … Continue reading

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Things Adult Students Wish Teachers Knew

Originally posted on In The Corner:
I first have to acknowledge this post was inspired from a post I read this morning at My post will follow this lead. I have taught at an adult learning facility for 15…

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