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Snowflakes in Spring

This post is dedicated to my dear friend, Thelma.  Oh, how I wished you could see these flowers for yourself… and so many other things this spring will bring.  I will watch them for you… And just outside, the flowers … Continue reading

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Cerebral Squalls

They come and blow your mind away They make mountains of your thoughts They will gather strong in billowed clouds You will find yourself distraught The sky can blacken all around Will cause your heart to race You fear the … Continue reading

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The Tourist

She was a tourist, folks did say She stood on Toronto’s street Her hat in hand, her smile was free She knew that soon, she’d eat! She was a tourist in many ways A foreigner in this place Through different … Continue reading

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My Morning Seduction

It was the “edge” of the heat, It was the “cusp” of the morning So close fall is at hand – It excites me and saddens me all at once. My morning walk felt foreign – something in the air … Continue reading

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Scene One: Act One

Preamble: In the early hours of the day, the players stand waiting They know not their lines, their verses, their roles Yet – they wait. The morning doves set the stage for the performances that will unfold What will happen? … Continue reading

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The days when I wonder what my purpose is Are the days when I know I’m alive It is cancer’s ghost which makes me see My reality with wide-opened eyes   Awakened from my slumber deep I question every thing … Continue reading

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Point Me in The Right Direction

Point me in the right direction Lead me down the road So I may make a difference here To ease another’s load   Point me in the right direction Help me see the way I have so many choices now … Continue reading

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My Watch Reads, “50 Steps”

Only 50 steps may I have made With my feet against the floor Still, my mind refuses to believe I haven’t walk many more – 50 steps one foot at a time To wander aimlessly While in my head the … Continue reading

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The Fall of Equality

Mary Kendall, in her blog “A Poet in Time”, said it best: “autumn’s equinox when time is equal— if only one day people could be like this” Equality – we know when we have achieved it when we no longer … Continue reading

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If I were a bird of flight today I’d fly away – I’d soar Into the cloudy, rainy sky My wings I’d stretch out more Through the lofty Heavens climb Where nary man or beast Would dare to venture, lest … Continue reading

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