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Stuck Between Two Voices

It was painful.  It was necessary.  And it was wonderful when it was over. Of course I’m talking about Vandie’s fitness class this morning where my inner child raged.  I managed to silence my thoughts.  They are far too whiny … Continue reading

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Tell me quando, quando, quando?

I look around to see if there is anything in my line of sight that could describe the way I feel today. But I see nothing.  There is nothing that looks “melancholy”.  Nothing. The flowers David bought me yesterday are … Continue reading

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No Mess

“I’m not depressed.  I’m not anxious.  I’m in a mess,” I confessed to my therapist last week. There has to be a different category of “emotional states” that appears on the well-being checklist that I need to complete at RVH … Continue reading

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(Inspired by the Daily Prompt) Must be a way to Use the rhythm like a Salve on a wound In this war zone of Cancer?   Must be a way to Use the beat to make Sense where there’s chaos … Continue reading

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Lonely, by Tami Neilson

As a tribute to her father, Tami Neilson released this song today: Tami Neilson’s, Lonely Please take a moment to watch this beautiful woman sing to recognize the loss her mother suffered when her father passed away this past year. … Continue reading

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God’s Symphony

This morning, I had front row seats to God’s Symphony.   It was a symphony of sight and sound that was being performed for just me. The curtain rose slowly to reveal the splendor of the orchestral cacophony.  The movement began … Continue reading

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Enjoy yourself, it’s later than you think!

Faced with a shortened life span – and then the gift of a longer life span, I feel compelled to re-consider my priorities.  Maybe it’s my age, maybe my health, maybe a bit of both – I don’t see the … Continue reading

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The message revealed in the lyrics

“Beneath this snowy mantle cold and clean The unborn grass lies waiting For its coat to turn to green The snowbird sings the song he always sings And speaks to me of flowers That will bloom again in spring” Read … Continue reading

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