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Hi Stacey, it’s Jackie

I felt my heart race.  It was a moment I had been waiting for for so many years – 45 years in fact.  And here it was.  The moment had finally arrived.  It was a message from Jackie. So many … Continue reading

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Two of them- there were two The only ones left to find Where to look and how to search – I would not leave them behind Fifty years I’d combed and scraped I’d wondered, wished, and pined Never give up, … Continue reading

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A Song without A Sound

The truth is out – I have been freed From the shackles of the past No more to suffocate on what I know My soul is liberated at last! The past is never too far away To escape the present … Continue reading

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After cancer: the quest to thrive

Cancer is tough. There is nothing that is easy about it.  I think everyone could understand that and agree. From diagnosis to treatment to recovery… cancer is tough.  And I’ve only cycled through the roller coaster of having cancer once … Continue reading

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Play with Integrity

I went to bed last night – counting the number of beds that my family now occupied.  There were seven of us in the house – each to his/her own bed and bedroom.  How decadent.  Kevin and I (okay – … Continue reading

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Conscious Relationships

“It was important for a person to act carefully, for every action had consequences on the soul’s future.”  (Snow Falling on Cedars) I have recently been trying to read novels that my daughter must read for her English program.  The … Continue reading

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A Time to Live

“When your cancer returns, remember we are here to help you.  You are not alone in this, Stacey.” Such reassuring words were never so spoken so timely.  I’ve heard those words before – many, many times before.  And I know … Continue reading

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9 Months Today

This is it. Today is my 9 month check-up. I have mixed emotions.  Which roller-coaster out of control at times. This is it. I hear the verdict this afternoon. Nothing will change but my awareness of “it”. Yet – everything … Continue reading

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This is my routine

101 beats per minute.  My pulse races. I breathe in and breathe out as though the process will purge me. This is my routine. I am alive. I close my ears and envision the calming of my soul, the soothing … Continue reading

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Look Up

I lift my eyes from the shackles of the day – Up, up, beyond the heights They soar, they leap, they stretch. Up there – there is freedom – beyond the limits of our reach Oh, how I long for … Continue reading

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