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Some Days Like Today

There are some days, like today, I feel I have nothing to contribute. Is this the chemo talking? Or is this the new “me”? I find I cannot add to conversations, unless they are about “curtain rods and snow pants” … Continue reading

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Remembering Dad

I’m not sure if it is morose to always remember this day, or respectful?  For me, however, today is a day that was forever seared into my memory.  It was four years ago today that my Dad passed away.  It … Continue reading

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Today Counts

“Mom”, inquired my eldest boy, Ben, “Do you have a DNR”? Oh good grief.  There is was.  There was the question from Hell.  The question itself was not so bad, mind you.  It was the implications dripping from the question … Continue reading

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Oh, to be home

The sun sparkled on the ripples of Kempenfelt Bay as though it were tickling the surface of the water and the water was giggling back.  It was warm exchange between two gifts from God on that morning:  the water and … Continue reading

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The Promise of June

I turn off my light to go to sleep.  It has been a busy day.  In my mania, I have accomplished many tasks that I normally would have been too tired to do.  For this, I am grateful.  The garage … Continue reading

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Remembrance, Reflection, and Observation

The sun is shining today.  It is warm, but not too hot.  My walk from the RVH parking lot to the cancer clinic was quite pleasant – even without a coat.  I’m never too sure if I am warmer than … Continue reading

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Some days I simply cannot help but laugh out loud.  Even when I feel like crap inside. Yesterday was one of those days. She just plain and simply makes me laugh.  Who does that?  Who thinks to separate a word … Continue reading

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What the hell?

No, the photo has nothing to do with this post.  I just liked the maple leaf.  And it is a “what the hell kind of day”. I was supposed to go with a neighbour this morning to get some farm … Continue reading

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I cannot turn away

I blocked the fear, I turned away It seemed so simple …. Until today I feel the pain, I can’t give way It’s no longer simple … C’est complique There in my chest the port it lies A stark reminder I cannot disguise Another step I … Continue reading

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Hope to see you in my dreams

Dear Mom: Funny how it’s been six years since you passed away, and yet the first thing I wanted to do when I got home from the hospital was to phone you.  If I could have called today – I … Continue reading

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