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I am not sad to be by myself.  Being alone gives me an opportunity to recharge my batteries.  My brain can rest.  My body can rest.  My soul, I think, is busy. One would never know  how busy it really … Continue reading

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Now that – would have been tough to swallow!

“How are you feeling, Stacey”, Candy (my oncology nurse who is more like a friend at this point) asked me yesterday as she cleared me for my fifth chemo treatment today. “I feel well, Candy” I replied with enthusiasm and … Continue reading

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The Days Will Grow Longer

It was dark this morning when Kevin and I started out on our ceremonial walk through the woods.  It is not odd to be walking in the dark.  In fact, it is normal.  At least, it is normal at this … Continue reading

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I Confess

This November I am invited to a celebration meant to honour teachers who have been with my school board for 25 years.  I got my invitation the other day.  I was thrilled.  I can hardly believe it has been 25 … Continue reading

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Chemo Classes

The room was packed.  Well, it felt cramped.  I didn’t want to be close to anyone.  Who knew – they may all of have been carrying some sort of cold virus that I could contract and end up with a … Continue reading

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I need to teach

I feel like a trapped animal today.  My colleagues are back at work, back contributing to society.  Here I am.  At home.  Sipping coffee.  It seems my living conditions are quite wonderful.  I have shelter, food, space, water. Yet – … Continue reading

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You made a difference.

I thought it would be like closing the page to the book – but it seems we have just begun another chapter. Wouldn’t it be nice if that happened more often – just when you think you’ve reached the end, … Continue reading

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Well – it’s that time of year again. Graduation I’ve worked a grand total of two weeks Yet – I feel like I’ve done so much more Learning It seems there has been so much I’ve learned about I’ve lived … Continue reading

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Learning, in community, knows no limits

I got to the school early enough that it was still quiet.  Sandra caught me in the hallway. “Stacey, you have to come and see the teacher’s workroom!”  She was thrilled at the thought that I would enjoy seeing this … Continue reading

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My mom would have been proud!

There are times.  There are moments.  You know the ones.  The ones that you are afraid to share with anyone else for fear they may think you are bragging?  This is one of those moments. My staff and students nominated … Continue reading

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