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What’s Trump?

“Let the cards fall where they may.  There is no way we can control some things and there is no sense in trying.  I must accept the hand I have been dealt and make the best use of it I … Continue reading

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Just Plain Mad

I started out this morning feeling a little “off” with myself.  I was a little edgy – but not bad. As the day has progressed though, my desire to do anything has dimmed and I am just plain pissed.  At … Continue reading

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Chemo 2: Day Four

So – it is finally sinking in that day four, as it draws to a close, sucks. My stomach kills me!!!!  Eating dinner is like eating razor blades.  Why did I not clue in to this until now?  Last time … Continue reading

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I Love You, Mom

Stacey:  “I’ll tuck you in, if you hurry to bed, David.” David:  “Okay – thanks, Mom.” He hurried.  The fireworks boomed in the background.  He was not distracted.  David loves, loves, loves to be tucked in at night.  No matter … Continue reading

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Okay – that sucked!

I obsessed last night that my hair was falling out all over my pillow, so this morning I woke up Ben to ask him to shave my head. “A number 5 should do, Ben, please.” So he shaved mine and … Continue reading

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Hair We Go Again

Today’s the day. I’m ready. It’s the lesser of two evils:  having cancer, or being bald.  I’ll take being bald, thank-you very much.  It is a very small price to pay for my life. There is so much to do … Continue reading

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Plum Done In

Okay. I forgot. Like the pain of child-birth, one forgets how tired on can get two weeks into chemo.  That’s when the white blood count and red blood count is lowest. Then it begins to recover. So, this morning’s walk … Continue reading

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The Chopping Block

“Have you seen it, yet?” inquired Dr. Mason. “No.  Should I?” I responded. “Well, it is rather interesting.  It’s about 2 cm and just below the surface of the skin.” “Can you just cut it right out?” I asked, hoping … Continue reading

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Day Eight

It is now eight days post chemo… the first treatment. Glorious. Although my arm burns still where the injection site was, I can still use it to paint, turns screws, scrub walls, and carry things. Although my knees hurt as … Continue reading

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Bucket List #1: Hard Work

It’s like I haven’t even been sick.  For the last couple of days, cancer has taken a back seat to hard work. Nearly 15 years ago, Kevin and I invested in a townhouse.  The purpose was to help our children … Continue reading

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