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I have plans…

Freedom Clarity Future … These are my “today’s” nouns. To live To breathe To believe … These are my “today’s” verbs. Human Mother Wife Friend …These are my “today’s” identity. Thank God!  The fog has lifted.  I can move again. … Continue reading

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Going for gold

Endurance. Grit. Resilience. These are a few of the adjectives I’ve heard being used of late to describe the athletes who are competing in Brazil.  And rightfully so – I love the slow- motion images of the faces of the … Continue reading

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I cannot turn away

I blocked the fear, I turned away It seemed so simple …. Until today I feel the pain, I can’t give way It’s no longer simple … C’est complique There in my chest the port it lies A stark reminder I cannot disguise Another step I … Continue reading

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Today is a day like no other

A day like no other. It may be a day of miracles, of cures, of healing.  If I turn on the news, will I hear that there has been a massive discovery that will lead to the end of cancer? … Continue reading

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I watched the sunrise

The sun rose this morning – as it always has. I was thinking clearly enough, though, to have brought my camera to the scene. It wasn’t as spectacular as it has been for the last couple of days when a … Continue reading

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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Today marks the first day of round two in my battle against ovarian cancer.  It just goes to show you that you can never let your guard down when it comes to this disease.  BUT, I’m well rested, healed from … Continue reading

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Two of them- there were two The only ones left to find Where to look and how to search – I would not leave them behind Fifty years I’d combed and scraped I’d wondered, wished, and pined Never give up, … Continue reading

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Do you know why today is so great?

I woke up to snow this morning, wishing that Kevin would neglect to bring a coffee and wake me up to go for our walk.  I was tired.  I listened carefully for sounds of his feet on the kitchen floor … Continue reading

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Let us answer when life calls

Walk with me to a hopeful place Where wishes may come true And let us wish together For a more hopeful and youthful “you” Many years upon this earth You’ve been through many things Still – have some hope and … Continue reading

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Colour my World

Colour my world with deep pinks in the morning Shades that subdue what may be a snow warning Through rose-coloured glasses though which do I see November’s first snow-fall on the branches of each tree Colour my world with clouds … Continue reading

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