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Our Home…

It’s hard to believe that 25 years has passed, in so  many ways.  When I look back, though, to the beginning, it is amazing to think it is “only” 25. Kevin, you and I have done some extraordinary things together … Continue reading

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Here’s to a smooth ride!

There is a quiet rumbling deep in my soul.  I’m not sure I can put words to it, yet I know that if I can – the rumbling may calm. The rumble is neither bad, nor good.  It exists.  It … Continue reading

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The Pillars of my Community

It became too sunny in the foyer at RVH so I’ve moved into the blood work waiting room of the chemo lounge.  Even the name sounds more appealing.  I wonder why we have adopted such names as foyer, suite, lounge? … Continue reading

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Here I Sit

Here I sit.  Once again.  Waiting and questioning. Will my blood be “up to snuff” for tomorrow? Will I need to wait longer for my final chemo? Do I have the courage to face “one more”? Do I have the … Continue reading

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I have plans…

Freedom Clarity Future … These are my “today’s” nouns. To live To breathe To believe … These are my “today’s” verbs. Human Mother Wife Friend …These are my “today’s” identity. Thank God!  The fog has lifted.  I can move again. … Continue reading

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Tell me quando, quando, quando?

I look around to see if there is anything in my line of sight that could describe the way I feel today. But I see nothing.  There is nothing that looks “melancholy”.  Nothing. The flowers David bought me yesterday are … Continue reading

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My own personal marathon of 1435 steps

How can one ever know one’s limits – unless they are tested? I went to fitness this morning – and it turned out to be more like “stretching class” for me. I had good intentions.  We started on the step … Continue reading

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Seven Days

One week today.  Seven days.  Final chemo in this series. And I can’t decide if I should ring the bell? It’s not like last time.  I prepared a speech, I invited people to witness, and I was confident that I’d … Continue reading

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Going for gold

Endurance. Grit. Resilience. These are a few of the adjectives I’ve heard being used of late to describe the athletes who are competing in Brazil.  And rightfully so – I love the slow- motion images of the faces of the … Continue reading

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“Stacey, this is your memory”

Facebook can be cruel. I have written many stories and posted many posts to facebook.  This means that there is a “Here is your Memory” presented to me almost everyday.  Since so many of my posts have dealt with cancer, … Continue reading

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