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Cerebral Squalls

They come and blow your mind away They make mountains of your thoughts They will gather strong in billowed clouds You will find yourself distraught The sky can blacken all around Will cause your heart to race You fear the … Continue reading

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Let Me Feast on This Day

It slides down my throat.  I wait.  I anticipate some sort of feeling – a rock in my stomach, a burning in my gut, a churning of my intestines. Nothing. I feel nothing. I have the “all clear” to drink … Continue reading

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I eat garlic for breakfast!

Kale salad.  The first thing I spot in the fridge this morning to eat.  I drool.  I know, it’s kale but with the taste of metal on my tongue from the carboplatin chemo drugs, it is one of the more … Continue reading

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Some days I simply cannot help but laugh out loud.  Even when I feel like crap inside. Yesterday was one of those days. She just plain and simply makes me laugh.  Who does that?  Who thinks to separate a word … Continue reading

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While sorting through more letters and “things to file” yesterday, I came across an envelope from one of my favorite wordpress bloggers, “Pixieannie” (  I had kept the envelope to record the return address on it – so that I … Continue reading

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130 Steps and Counting

Feeling guilty that I had left a kitchen full of dishes last night, I take my time getting up and getting busy. The dishes would be there – regardless of my preference to spend a few more moments day-dreaming, writing, … Continue reading

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My Watch Reads, “50 Steps”

Only 50 steps may I have made With my feet against the floor Still, my mind refuses to believe I haven’t walk many more – 50 steps one foot at a time To wander aimlessly While in my head the … Continue reading

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Go back to bed!

The turkey bones simmer on the stove.  The promise of turkey soup tantalizes and awakens my taste-buds.  The smells are intoxicating.  They are exciting.  They evoke gustatory pleasures that almost make me feel guilty!  Yet, something within me speaks even … Continue reading

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But did she wash the pan?

I w0ke up to a bang.  I listened to hear what it may have been.  The banging continued.  It was familiar.  I heard a tap run every once in a while and doors bang closed.  “Got it!” I said to … Continue reading

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I’m Hot!

It just doesn’t seem right… To have beaten caner and then Get a stupid cold virus… At my age I just can’t tell If I have a fever Or Am having a hot flash. Sigh I used to be “hot” … Continue reading

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