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May the Road Rise to Meet You

One of my all-time favorite blessings turns out to be a traditional Gaelic blessing.  The images fill my heart and lift my spirits.  I’m not sure why I connect to it so much, but I guess some things speak to … Continue reading

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Flat Upon my Back

It’s when she says, “walk in your hands” That I begin to breathe, I know that’s supposed to happen all along …. it doesn’t come with ease A downward dog, to me, you see Is not my normal thing To … Continue reading

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The Hours in My Life

How would you respond to the question,  “how are you”, if you were still alive three years longer than anyone had expected?  Wouldn’t you be inclined to say, “great!”?  Don’t you have an obligation to be great?  After all, you … Continue reading

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It Takes Courage To Cry

Oh, how I hate good-byes! The older I get, the worse they are. Recently, however, I’ve discovered a secret; If you ignore the event, it doesn’t hurt.  Yup.  You can just simply turn your back on it and pretend it … Continue reading

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My father used to say, “the only thing you can count on to not change is change itself”. Of course I had no idea, as a young person, what that meant.  Youth is full of change.  Of course things change. … Continue reading

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More – Revisited

A memory from facebook popped up on my feed this morning.  It was a post I had written one year ago today and was entitled, “More“.  I read it.  I remembered how full of hope I was at the time, … Continue reading

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In Limbo

This time of year seems to bring on a lot of “hurry up and wait” feelings in me.  I am in limbo. Ben leaves for school Sunday.  I dread that day.  I am happy for him.  I will be fine. … Continue reading

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I Sure Did Learn My Lesson!

I had a dream this morning from which I begrudgingly awoke.  In fact, I’m not sure I woke up from it at all – it was one of those dreams that stay with you for a long time and actually … Continue reading

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Days like these…

Days like these feel like someone put up a brick wall between my brain and my eyes.  I see the day.  I feel the wind.  I smell the fresh air.  I can walk outside and feel the sand on the … Continue reading

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Safe Again

I like being home. I know it.   I am comfortable. To not be home – to not be in routine – is frightening. I’ve navigated the dangerous waters.  I’ve leaped the leap of faith.  I’ve climbed mountains. I don’t … Continue reading

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