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I Sure Did Learn My Lesson!

I had a dream this morning from which I begrudgingly awoke.  In fact, I’m not sure I woke up from it at all – it was one of those dreams that stay with you for a long time and actually … Continue reading

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Days like these…

Days like these feel like someone put up a brick wall between my brain and my eyes.  I see the day.  I feel the wind.  I smell the fresh air.  I can walk outside and feel the sand on the … Continue reading

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Safe Again

I like being home. I know it.   I am comfortable. To not be home – to not be in routine – is frightening. I’ve navigated the dangerous waters.  I’ve leaped the leap of faith.  I’ve climbed mountains. I don’t … Continue reading

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In one week from today, I’ll be 54.  I used to think that was ancient.  I used to think that was so far away.  More than a half century of living – how have I changed? I have more wrinkles, … Continue reading

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Ah, La Pluie!

The sudden purge of angry skies The sodden path of muck The sonorous beat upon the roof And I become unstuck A burst of lighting in the air An angry crack of words A turbulent ride of feelings fly The … Continue reading

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I’ll See You in My Dreams

When I was young, I walked alone Or at least that’s what I thought It was only me, myself, and I I was well schooled – but never taught And as I grew, I began to learn That “me” was … Continue reading

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I Too, Want to be a Giant

I have heard, on two occasions this week-end, this marks the end of an era:  at my colleagues retirement party and at my friend’s funeral.  These words are bitter-sweet to me in that one needs to have something special – … Continue reading

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I’ve Been Stuck

I’ve been stuck lately.  I’ve not know what to say – to write – how to articulate / process what has happened.  Of course, rather than simply write and process through my emotions, I’ve avoided this blog.  Finally, today, I … Continue reading

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Hugs to the Mothers who hugged us tight Who held our hands and kissed us good-night Hugs to the Mothers who are in our dreams To some are icons, heroes, maybe even our memes! Hugs to the Mothers whose lessons … Continue reading

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Let Me Outside!

Oh, let me outside! Outside – oh, outside!  A blue strip of sky pokes through the gray cloud with the promise of spring.  Lift me up, move me along, let me float through the clouds.  Let my mind take flight … Continue reading

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