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My Mother Would Have Been Pleased

“Want to stay for a coffee,” asked my friend Vandie this morning after she had lead my through a long-overdue workout in her basement studio. “I won’t have a coffee, Vandie,” I stated, “but I would love a visit.” Little … Continue reading

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I’ll See You in My Dreams

When I was young, I walked alone Or at least that’s what I thought It was only me, myself, and I I was well schooled – but never taught And as I grew, I began to learn That “me” was … Continue reading

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It Takes Courage – and Maybe Some Tulips

I cancelled my appointment with Dr. Singh on Wednesday.  I just didn’t have the guts to find out how I was doing.  You’d think that I’d be used to it by now – once a month appointments.  Nope.  Every visit … Continue reading

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In the Land of the Living

I woke up with a depression hang-over this morning.  It felt somewhat like a brain-bruise, and injury that is trying to heal but reminds you that you ought not to use that muscle again, or bone again… or emotion again. … Continue reading

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Scene One: Act One

Preamble: In the early hours of the day, the players stand waiting They know not their lines, their verses, their roles Yet – they wait. The morning doves set the stage for the performances that will unfold What will happen? … Continue reading

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Soul-mates, optimism, and hope

I attended two weddings yesterday. They could not have been more different.  One was a second marriage – the other a first.  One was a marriage between two older people – the other between two young people.  One was attended … Continue reading

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Today Counts

“Mom”, inquired my eldest boy, Ben, “Do you have a DNR”? Oh good grief.  There is was.  There was the question from Hell.  The question itself was not so bad, mind you.  It was the implications dripping from the question … Continue reading

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Today is a day like no other

A day like no other. It may be a day of miracles, of cures, of healing.  If I turn on the news, will I hear that there has been a massive discovery that will lead to the end of cancer? … Continue reading

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Day Eight

It is now eight days post chemo… the first treatment. Glorious. Although my arm burns still where the injection site was, I can still use it to paint, turns screws, scrub walls, and carry things. Although my knees hurt as … Continue reading

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If you could, what would you say?

Dear immune system: Listen, I know you are trying your best.  You have done well in the past – but this is getting a bit ridiculous.  Even I know the difference between “me” and “not me” – “good” and “bad”. … Continue reading

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