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Don’t blink!

I woke up feeling anxious this morning.  I’m not sure why.  I looked outside for clues – but the only thing I saw were the leaves on the trees. And then I saw the leaves on the trees.  Yup.  There … Continue reading

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I will always be with you

Mother’s Day No matter how old, no matter what circumstance, I still miss my Mom on Mother’s Day. My daughter wandered into my room yesterday morning to plan what we were going to do.  The boys had gone diving, so … Continue reading

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Step – in Time

I didn’t trust that I got the time right.  I don’t trust my memory to most things these days.  When I walked in Vandie’s front door, however, and heard the fitness music playing I breathed a sigh of relief.  I … Continue reading

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It’s the little things…

It’s the little things in life that seem to matter the most when the chips are down.  These little things are the things I miss most about my Mom. I miss her smile, her laugh.  I remember Mom always being … Continue reading

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It takes a community to cure cancer

Of course – before we rang the bell – I had to say a few words to the people who have supported my family and I throughout this journey!  You know me.  It was a beautiful day – and a … Continue reading

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Tomorrow it is!

“You are low on your neutrophils, Stacey.”  Candy, my nurse, advised me today during my visit to determine how “fit” I was for chemo. My heart sunk to my feet.  That would mean a delay.  That would mean my “new … Continue reading

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Living the Dash

From Diagnosis… LIVING THE DASH …to Remission There have been several individuals who have suggested turning my blog into a book.  I’m sure many people attempt this.  Nonetheless, I am soliciting your help for valuable feedback and constructive criticism. Here … Continue reading

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He held up a mirror on remission

I practically skipped into the doctor’s office yesterday.  Why wouldn’t I?  I felt great, I was getting help with my paper-work, and I am within spitting distance of my last chemo. Cindy, Dr. Kolesky’s administrative assistant, greeted me with a … Continue reading

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Come on Rain!

Come on Rain! One of the best books I think I ever read to my children as they grew up was one called, “Come on Rain!”, written by Karen Hesse.  The story is about a little girl who is anxious … Continue reading

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One week from now is my last chemo day

One Week Today One week today will mark the end Then I can heal, be on the mend What things await just down the road? You tend to reap what you have sowed How have I been throughout this time? … Continue reading

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