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Down River

I’ve not yet read the book, but it sure has a good looking cover.  And I really like the title to boot!  So, I keep the book handy – by my bedside in case I get the urge to actually … Continue reading

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Cerebral Squalls

They come and blow your mind away They make mountains of your thoughts They will gather strong in billowed clouds You will find yourself distraught The sky can blacken all around Will cause your heart to race You fear the … Continue reading

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The Writing on The Wall

At times it seems so far away At times it seems so near The writing that is on the wall Is nothing we should fear Daytime light illuminates The words that I can see Yet never do I seem to … Continue reading

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First World Problems

Oh, how I faced so many issues already today and realized how quickly they could be resolved. My stomach was growling this morning.  The cure for that was breakfast. I was cold.  The cure was to turn up the furnace. … Continue reading

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Thanks for the Memories!

The day is foggy.  It is tough to see across the pond to the woods.  So odd, it is, for a day so late in January.  I do hope my Malloff cousins will get home safely as they navigate this … Continue reading

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In the Land of the Living

I woke up with a depression hang-over this morning.  It felt somewhat like a brain-bruise, and injury that is trying to heal but reminds you that you ought not to use that muscle again, or bone again… or emotion again. … Continue reading

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Group Therapy

I attended my first group therapy session today.   I am not the same person having done so.  That may be good – that may not be good.  At this point it just is. What did I think about it? … Continue reading

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My restart button

Oh, today’s fitness class was a tough one.  Not because it was challenging in its content, but because I was soo tired! Emotions.  Are.  Draining. Vandie, our fitness guru, adjusts the class to how we are doing on any given … Continue reading

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I raise a toast – a toast to you.  I know we would have done the same thing had you been here, Mom and Dad.  It never gets old.  I guess some of my life’s defining moments are marked by … Continue reading

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It is time

The crisp air hangs just outside my front door.  At times, a sample seeps under the skirt to remind me that today… it is cold out there.  It is not time to venture out with the dog.  Not yet.  But … Continue reading

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