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This is what it feels like to have (had) cancer…

The sun may shine and the kids may play – you may hear laughter, song, and you may dance.. BUT I will always be with you You will think of me with every stitch you get in your side I … Continue reading

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10 000 Steps

One step, two steps, three steps or more I’ve made it out of bed and to the bathroom door – Counting now to twenty and up to thirty-eight Waking up to walk this ‘morn and hoping I won’t be late … Continue reading

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Love you Forever

Love you forever It is easy to judge a man’s character by the way he treats his mother.  My husband is no exception. My mother-in-law lives in our basement apartment these days so that she is not needing to be … Continue reading

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Number 20, please

The sun is shining.  Thank God.  I can handle the cold as long as it is accompanied by sun.  I love the way it cascades through the many windows and glass stairwells here at Royal Victoria Hospital.  It seems to … Continue reading

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The Homecoming

I rolled open the sliding glass doors to the Barrie Learning Centre yesterday morning with a racing heart.  I was early – earlier than most of the staff and so the school was quiet.  Sitting at her desk, right behind … Continue reading

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