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To Sink or Swim

“It’s like you are white – water rafting, Stacey.  There are rapids surrounding you and it is difficult to stay afloat.  It seems what you need is a little less white-water and a little more of some flat-water to just … Continue reading

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This is my routine

101 beats per minute.  My pulse races. I breathe in and breathe out as though the process will purge me. This is my routine. I am alive. I close my ears and envision the calming of my soul, the soothing … Continue reading

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The Firewall

This summer, cancer walked behind me.  Today – it walks beside me.  I don’t want it to walk in front of me ever again.  And so – I put up a firewall between cancer and I.  That way, I can … Continue reading

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Do you want to talk?

When I need to most – I don’t talk. It’s when I am suffering that I withdraw from the public.  I know that’s wrong.  It’s just human nature, I think.  We reach out when we feel stronger to accept help. … Continue reading

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Sometimes – there are moments when…

Sometimes There are moments when It seems so unfair Why me? I guess I’m just like everyone else who feels sorry for themselves Sometimes I resent the spring and all the wonderful things it brings Especially when I am so … Continue reading

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My Confession

I have a confession to make.  I snuck the dog, Jazz, into my bedroom this morning so that she and I could be together when I wrote this post.  I don’t know why it was important to have her with … Continue reading

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