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My Bucket List – in Name Only!

It was a great day.  The kind of day when you stop and sit for a while, you realize that the smile you are wearing has been on your face for several hours.  You are not sure when it started … Continue reading

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Bull’s Eye!

Oh, ye who wields my soul Sharp tongue that bites and stings – And leaves a cut that draws life blood With your poignant edge you sing Slice through the air, slice through the wood …to fall upon the floor … Continue reading

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Oh no you can’t!

I need her voice to whisper yet The secrets buried deep I did not pay attention then So the secrets she did keep To mix, to fold, to roll and pinch I have not yet got the touch They were … Continue reading

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I refuse!

I alone, with leaf do stand Against the wind on cold, barren land Ablaze against a cold dull sky I shield myself – refuse to die I have the want, the will, the way I will not let go – … Continue reading

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Phantom Female Syndrome

My biology no longer defines me I find myself alone in my new – but used – body It seems to experience growing pains every once in a while My mind plays tricks on me And believes I am still … Continue reading

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When I Grow Up

When I grow up I’d like to be…. A tree – so that I can branch out further and basque in the sun longer A bird – so that I can fly away to where I want to go with … Continue reading

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It’s a do-nothing kind of day

“Maybe I should do laundry?” Nah — “Maybe I should make some soup?” Nah — “How about going for a walk?” Been there – did it – thank goodness – first thing this morning. “Why no energy?” I don’t know. … Continue reading

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A Snoopy Kind of Day

“Stacey, looking at your paper-work and all you and your family have been through this past year – go for it!  Do things while you are healthy and can enjoy life.” At first, I was very happy to hear these … Continue reading

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Inner Beauty

I held a mirror to my face this morn’ And met me with a critical eye- More wrinkles and sags than I could count Then, having counted just gave a sigh – Was this, I thought, what my own mother … Continue reading

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Into the night

It was dark this morning.  The kind of dark that wraps itself around you enough that you don’t want to get out of bed because you think it must still be midnight.  The kind of dark that whispers “stay in … Continue reading

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