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There’s your sign

Sometimes, it doesn’t take much to get my brain spinning on an idea or a concept.  Other times – it’s like there is no room at the neuronal inn; Guest concepts may walk through the corridor of thought and find … Continue reading

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Ah, La Pluie!

The sudden purge of angry skies The sodden path of muck The sonorous beat upon the roof And I become unstuck A burst of lighting in the air An angry crack of words A turbulent ride of feelings fly The … Continue reading

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Overcoming Stage-Fright

“I need a name for my book, Kevin.  I’m stuck on the title.  I want it to be positive, yet, to the point.” Kevin and I began brainstorming a host of different ‘puns’ about cancer – cuz we are pun … Continue reading

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Back to the Drawing Board

“Thanks for helping me paint, Mom”, said my daughter to me in a truly surprised and grateful voice. “Anything for my daughter”, I replied as I scratched my head. Man.  It was  itchy.  “It must be the new growth”, I … Continue reading

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Eyes Wide Open

“It’s like I’ve been asleep all summer, Mary”, I found myself responding to a friend’s email this morning.  And I think I hit the nail on the head with that one. As usual, Kevin brought me my morning coffee with a … Continue reading

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Here I Sit

Here I sit.  Once again.  Waiting and questioning. Will my blood be “up to snuff” for tomorrow? Will I need to wait longer for my final chemo? Do I have the courage to face “one more”? Do I have the … Continue reading

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My own personal marathon of 1435 steps

How can one ever know one’s limits – unless they are tested? I went to fitness this morning – and it turned out to be more like “stretching class” for me. I had good intentions.  We started on the step … Continue reading

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Now that – would have been tough to swallow!

“How are you feeling, Stacey”, Candy (my oncology nurse who is more like a friend at this point) asked me yesterday as she cleared me for my fifth chemo treatment today. “I feel well, Candy” I replied with enthusiasm and … Continue reading

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Hope to see you in my dreams

Dear Mom: Funny how it’s been six years since you passed away, and yet the first thing I wanted to do when I got home from the hospital was to phone you.  If I could have called today – I … Continue reading

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Finding that Balance

“What should I do about Mexico, Stacey?” Kevin asked me this morning. “What do you mean?”  I replied. “I don’t know if I should book tickets for Ben and I.” “Of course you should.  I don’t want cancer to hi-jack … Continue reading

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