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Putting things into Context

It was a rather quiet flight home.  There were no kids crying, no parents screaming… no young drunks singing.  And so I pretty much slept the whole 4 and change hours away.  Still, I think I have a cold.  A … Continue reading

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Eyes Wide Open

“It’s like I’ve been asleep all summer, Mary”, I found myself responding to a friend’s email this morning.  And I think I hit the nail on the head with that one. As usual, Kevin brought me my morning coffee with a … Continue reading

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To Sink or Swim

“It’s like you are white – water rafting, Stacey.  There are rapids surrounding you and it is difficult to stay afloat.  It seems what you need is a little less white-water and a little more of some flat-water to just … Continue reading

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Time in a Bottle

My hair is just starting to grow back.  Right now, however, it looks like fuzz, almost goose down.  It’s not right.  I’m thinking I’ll shave it off to let the new hair breathe.  If the new hair EVER comes in. … Continue reading

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Funny, the things that motivate us.  I never gave self-motivation too much of a thought… until I found myself bribing my own self to do things.  Only then did I realize the true “value” of things to me. I really … Continue reading

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Stuck Between Two Voices

It was painful.  It was necessary.  And it was wonderful when it was over. Of course I’m talking about Vandie’s fitness class this morning where my inner child raged.  I managed to silence my thoughts.  They are far too whiny … Continue reading

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I am not sad to be by myself.  Being alone gives me an opportunity to recharge my batteries.  My brain can rest.  My body can rest.  My soul, I think, is busy. One would never know  how busy it really … Continue reading

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Let it Rain!

It is expected to rain next Thursday. Next Thursday would have been chemo day… But it’s not. So – let it rain! Instead of watching the rain from a chair inside the chemo suite, hooked up to chemo meds, I … Continue reading

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“That” September

It will be two years ago in two weeks.  Hard to believe. In fact, almost impossible. Two years.  I’ve been fighting that long. I remember almost every detail.  I remember my students.  I remember the singing and dancing.  I had … Continue reading

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Each day – from this point on – I hope to be… A little stronger A little healthier A little kinder A little more patient A little more optimistic A little more thoughtful A little more active A little smarter … Continue reading

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