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It is time

The crisp air hangs just outside my front door.  At times, a sample seeps under the skirt to remind me that today… it is cold out there.  It is not time to venture out with the dog.  Not yet.  But … Continue reading

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A Volleyball Prose

You know who you are – we spoke in the gym Though your eyes were half closed with fatigue A promise I made and a smile you bade As we ducked from the volleyball besiege “I’m tired”, you said as … Continue reading

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Putting things into Context

It was a rather quiet flight home.  There were no kids crying, no parents screaming… no young drunks singing.  And so I pretty much slept the whole 4 and change hours away.  Still, I think I have a cold.  A … Continue reading

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I have plans…

Freedom Clarity Future … These are my “today’s” nouns. To live To breathe To believe … These are my “today’s” verbs. Human Mother Wife Friend …These are my “today’s” identity. Thank God!  The fog has lifted.  I can move again. … Continue reading

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Going for gold

Endurance. Grit. Resilience. These are a few of the adjectives I’ve heard being used of late to describe the athletes who are competing in Brazil.  And rightfully so – I love the slow- motion images of the faces of the … Continue reading

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No Mess

“I’m not depressed.  I’m not anxious.  I’m in a mess,” I confessed to my therapist last week. There has to be a different category of “emotional states” that appears on the well-being checklist that I need to complete at RVH … Continue reading

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I Ragazzi: For the Boys

My first bite galvanized my choice.  Steak – steak sandwich please, with mushrooms.  I love steak.  And I am picky.  Since I have to be careful with what I eat these days, I have to be sure that when I … Continue reading

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I Don’t Want You to Be Lonely

It is that time once again. The last time I sat in this chair I was flying solo.  It’s not bad to be alone. There is always such a long wait between blood work and my oncologist’s appointment.  And I … Continue reading

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Remembering Dad

I’m not sure if it is morose to always remember this day, or respectful?  For me, however, today is a day that was forever seared into my memory.  It was four years ago today that my Dad passed away.  It … Continue reading

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Oh, to be home

The sun sparkled on the ripples of Kempenfelt Bay as though it were tickling the surface of the water and the water was giggling back.  It was warm exchange between two gifts from God on that morning:  the water and … Continue reading

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