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Let us answer when life calls

Walk with me to a hopeful place Where wishes may come true And let us wish together For a more hopeful and youthful “you” Many years upon this earth You’ve been through many things Still – have some hope and … Continue reading

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There, but for the grace of God, go I

There is a downpour of rain.  I stay inside. The wind howls through the trees.  I close my window. I am hungry.  I go to the fridge to decide what I want to eat. I am tired.  I go back … Continue reading

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I can’t wait!

It isn’t even noon yet and I have had such a wonderful day!!!! I have: shared a coffee with my husband, made for me especially prepared breakfast and lunch for my youngest boy and received a warm hug of appreciation … Continue reading

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The Glue

Family There’s nothing like it – for good and for bad. We endure hardship together.  We laugh together.  We cry together.  We complain together. We are each others’ best friends and worst enemies. We fight.  We make up.  We fight … Continue reading

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The Days Will Grow Longer

It was dark this morning when Kevin and I started out on our ceremonial walk through the woods.  It is not odd to be walking in the dark.  In fact, it is normal.  At least, it is normal at this … Continue reading

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Colour my World

Colour my world with deep pinks in the morning Shades that subdue what may be a snow warning Through rose-coloured glasses though which do I see November’s first snow-fall on the branches of each tree Colour my world with clouds … Continue reading

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There will never be another good-bye

It was five years ago today;  I walked alone to the entrance of Royal Victoria Hospital – on the sidewalk leading to you.  But you were not there… you were already walking beside me;  You were already holding my hand. … Continue reading

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This post is dedicated to my Dad, Flight Lieutenant William James Duff, who served overseas during WWII – on loan to the RAF. There was a time when these wings took flight And soared through the azure skies To distant … Continue reading

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New Day – New Beginnings

This morning – I’m getting ready For whatever happens I feel stronger I lift up my eyes to the light, to the horizon, to the sky The new day is breaking Today I feel more ready To battle the demons … Continue reading

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This is what it feels like to have (had) cancer…

The sun may shine and the kids may play – you may hear laughter, song, and you may dance.. BUT I will always be with you You will think of me with every stitch you get in your side I … Continue reading

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