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If We All Had a Vandie!

My first thought this morning was, “maybe I just won’t go”. I had a good excuse; I thought I cracked a rib yesterday.  It was a silly thing – I leaned over the console in the car to reach my … Continue reading

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My own personal marathon of 1435 steps

How can one ever know one’s limits – unless they are tested? I went to fitness this morning – and it turned out to be more like “stretching class” for me. I had good intentions.  We started on the step … Continue reading

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My Watch Reads, “50 Steps”

Only 50 steps may I have made With my feet against the floor Still, my mind refuses to believe I haven’t walk many more – 50 steps one foot at a time To wander aimlessly While in my head the … Continue reading

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“Who wants to do aquafit this morning?” “I DO!”  I said. “Who wants to go for a walk in the woods?” “I DO!” I said. “Who wants to scale down and up that cliff?” “I DO!” I said. “Who wants … Continue reading

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It was time to step it up!

Tuesday Fitness with Vandie First walk with Kevin Then “face” the step class Would I be okay – sore arm, sore tendons, no sleep last night… Maybe I shouldn’t go. After all, it’s only been five weeks since chemo and … Continue reading

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I want to live deliberately

My hands are sore – but I have my life; My eyesight has diminished – but I have my life; My Achilles tendons are tight – but I have my life. It is by the grace of God that I … Continue reading

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Try again tomorrow

Which one do I choose? If I choose to walk – then I am a walker. If I choose to not walk – then I need one. Is it is a choice? Is it not a choice? Walking used to … Continue reading

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Shuffle along!

Oh, what good things a good night’s sleep can do! Last night – I put my mother’s heating pad around my aching legs.  Truthfully, I’m not sure if it was the heating pad or my mother’s healing hand that helped, … Continue reading

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And touch your toes

And touch you toes…. “Oh no, I won’t –  cuz I can’t!”  I thought this morning during Vandie’s pilates class. But Vandie does not give up that easily.  She kept insisting that I try.  My mind kept insisting that I … Continue reading

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Stronger, faster, fitter?

Fitness Used to be easier Four more, used to be achievable Push ups, sit ups, chin ups Are only a concept right now But I keep trying To take deep breaths And continue to move my feet I have to … Continue reading

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