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My Morning Seduction

It was the “edge” of the heat, It was the “cusp” of the morning So close fall is at hand – It excites me and saddens me all at once. My morning walk felt foreign – something in the air … Continue reading

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The Spring Peepers

I had my window open full last night and through the window traveled so many wonderful smells, sights, and sounds.  The cool breeze was timely as I have begun to have some night hot-flashes by the hand of chemo.  The … Continue reading

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Snow Dog

It was one of the heaviest snowfalls of the season when Jazz and I went for a walk. Oh, to have the joy and energy of that dog!  She leaped and bounded, sniffed and scurried.  And in the end – … Continue reading

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Snow Day!

“Drive carefully, Kevin” I wished my husband as he set off on the treacherously icy and snow-covered roads this morning. He had already been up – quite early – to blow the snow from a series of drive-ways on our … Continue reading

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I refuse!

I alone, with leaf do stand Against the wind on cold, barren land Ablaze against a cold dull sky I shield myself – refuse to die I have the want, the will, the way I will not let go – … Continue reading

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Into the night

It was dark this morning.  The kind of dark that wraps itself around you enough that you don’t want to get out of bed because you think it must still be midnight.  The kind of dark that whispers “stay in … Continue reading

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Just Around the Corner

I walk without trepidation. I am flanked on either side by bull-rushes that have shot up tall over the railings during the summer.  They are tired – it’s been a long season. What lays on the other side of those … Continue reading

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Don’t blink!

I woke up feeling anxious this morning.  I’m not sure why.  I looked outside for clues – but the only thing I saw were the leaves on the trees. And then I saw the leaves on the trees.  Yup.  There … Continue reading

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And so am I

Haze Days This is my favorite time of the year.  It only lasts for a few days and then it is gone for another full year.  If you blinked, it would be over.  My cousin, Jan, referred to it as … Continue reading

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Wait to wake

Everything is still.  Everything is calm.  Everything is quiet.  The world waits to wake up. I’m tired.  But, that’s okay.  Today – I can rest. Even the birds are quiet.  The clouds have blanketed the sun from birds’ views and … Continue reading

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