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Stuck Between Two Voices

It was painful.  It was necessary.  And it was wonderful when it was over. Of course I’m talking about Vandie’s fitness class this morning where my inner child raged.  I managed to silence my thoughts.  They are far too whiny … Continue reading

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Our Home…

It’s hard to believe that 25 years has passed, in so  many ways.  When I look back, though, to the beginning, it is amazing to think it is “only” 25. Kevin, you and I have done some extraordinary things together … Continue reading

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Here’s to a smooth ride!

There is a quiet rumbling deep in my soul.  I’m not sure I can put words to it, yet I know that if I can – the rumbling may calm. The rumble is neither bad, nor good.  It exists.  It … Continue reading

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The Tourist

She was a tourist, folks did say She stood on Toronto’s street Her hat in hand, her smile was free She knew that soon, she’d eat! She was a tourist in many ways A foreigner in this place Through different … Continue reading

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Scene One: Act One

Preamble: In the early hours of the day, the players stand waiting They know not their lines, their verses, their roles Yet – they wait. The morning doves set the stage for the performances that will unfold What will happen? … Continue reading

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I Ragazzi: For the Boys

My first bite galvanized my choice.  Steak – steak sandwich please, with mushrooms.  I love steak.  And I am picky.  Since I have to be careful with what I eat these days, I have to be sure that when I … Continue reading

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I watched the sunrise

The sun rose this morning – as it always has. I was thinking clearly enough, though, to have brought my camera to the scene. It wasn’t as spectacular as it has been for the last couple of days when a … Continue reading

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I felt every one of those 5, 642 steps this morning.  Usually, it goes quickly and Kevin and I are home before we even finish our conversation.  This morning, for some reason, it just dragged on an on. The dog, … Continue reading

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The Journey of a Thousand Miles..

The journey of a thousand miles began this morning with Kevin in the rain. How many steps will I walk, strokes will I paddle, pedals will I push until I am on the other end of the forthcoming chemo treatments? … Continue reading

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Finding that Balance

“What should I do about Mexico, Stacey?” Kevin asked me this morning. “What do you mean?”  I replied. “I don’t know if I should book tickets for Ben and I.” “Of course you should.  I don’t want cancer to hi-jack … Continue reading

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