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You are Stronger Than You Think

“Are you hydrated?” This was the first question in the self-care, “Everything is awful and I’m not okay” checklist I read that someone had posted on facebook.  I don’t normally read those kinds of things that are posted there — … Continue reading

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Another step

Today, I won’t look back.  As tempting as it is – it makes me sad – it makes me cry.  And I don’t want to cry. Today, I want to smile.  I want to feel the joy of the sunshine, … Continue reading

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Well – it’s that time of year again. Graduation I’ve worked a grand total of two weeks Yet – I feel like I’ve done so much more Learning It seems there has been so much I’ve learned about I’ve lived … Continue reading

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Weighing in on Time

Weight, oh, weight – why do you come round? I try hard to lose you but you always seem found. It’s not that I’m looking to be skinny me But a thinner version I’d sure like to see Now, I … Continue reading

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Hello Paula

Originally posted on High Flight:
message from Stacey: I wrote this post on behalf of my Dad last year. He was leaving the world at this time and I wanted to understand what he was thinking. Funny how these words…

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That’s okay

Originally posted on High Flight:
I went to fitness this morning – and that’s about all I did – went. And Vandie said, “That’s okay.  At least you got here.  Good for you for coming.” I did half the fitness…

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The mind is willing…

The mind is willing but the body is unable. How many times did I hear my Dad use this very quote?  Did I ever pay attention? No.  It wouldn’t have done any good anyhow – what could I do to … Continue reading

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Anxious Down the hole I go… Stop Try to get out and move forward… Slide If I let myself go I would slide… Invisible Strings that pull my head.. Pressure On my brain that seems to weigh my thoughts down … Continue reading

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Tempus Fugit

It seems the days go faster as I live from day to day From sunrise to sunset, there is barely time to play Mornings rise and shine with hope and meander like a stream I wonder if I am awake … Continue reading

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The stand after the fall

Nothing like a good fitness class to clear your mind. I went to Vandie’s class today carrying the weight of my memories. At first, those memories were heavy and indeed felt like lead weights. I got mad. I fought back … Continue reading

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