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The Promise

Today I make a promise to keep for every day I promise to live my life and be alive in every way Today it is my birthday and many years ago My parents began a journey having no clue where … Continue reading

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“Who wants to do aquafit this morning?” “I DO!”  I said. “Who wants to go for a walk in the woods?” “I DO!” I said. “Who wants to scale down and up that cliff?” “I DO!” I said. “Who wants … Continue reading

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Love you Forever

Love you forever It is easy to judge a man’s character by the way he treats his mother.  My husband is no exception. My mother-in-law lives in our basement apartment these days so that she is not needing to be … Continue reading

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It’s Jan!

So – I’m pulling out of my driveway today to purchase that black tar paint stuff – you know – the kind you use to paint your driveway so that it looks like new asphalt – when I see this … Continue reading

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Do you want to talk?

When I need to most – I don’t talk. It’s when I am suffering that I withdraw from the public.  I know that’s wrong.  It’s just human nature, I think.  We reach out when we feel stronger to accept help. … Continue reading

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You made a difference.

I thought it would be like closing the page to the book – but it seems we have just begun another chapter. Wouldn’t it be nice if that happened more often – just when you think you’ve reached the end, … Continue reading

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The Reunion

The sun is blazing through the hazed morning sky and I am wide awake. Today is the first reunion of the very first class I ever taught – on my own.  I began my teaching career as a French teacher … Continue reading

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I Just Can’t Get it Out of My Mind

It was three months ago today – my last chemo treatment. I want to forget – but I also want to remember. I am tired. Weird.  I’ve had lots of energy lately – but today, I just want to rest. … Continue reading

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Never really silent

We walked in silence, but my mind was far from quiet. It is tough to calm the brain when there is so much to think about:  David left for camp, Anne’s aunt passed away, the back deck is being renovated, … Continue reading

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“I just wanted to tell you in person, Stacey”, Adam said to me as he left to return to his home in Quebec.  “You changed my life.  Thank-you.” Little did he know that those words would continue to resonate with … Continue reading

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