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Not Myself Today

I’m just not myself today. Not sure who I am – but this is not who I want to be. I want to “do”. Instead I sit. I want to be productive. Instead I wait. I want to laugh and … Continue reading

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I have plans…

Freedom Clarity Future … These are my “today’s” nouns. To live To breathe To believe … These are my “today’s” verbs. Human Mother Wife Friend …These are my “today’s” identity. Thank God!  The fog has lifted.  I can move again. … Continue reading

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Make me a list –

I don’t know what to do with myself today – I usually make lists – Lists keep me going – I know what to do and I have plans and I can do things – I want to do but … Continue reading

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Some Days Like Today

There are some days, like today, I feel I have nothing to contribute. Is this the chemo talking? Or is this the new “me”? I find I cannot add to conversations, unless they are about “curtain rods and snow pants” … Continue reading

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Get me through Day 5

I got up. I got dressed. I greeted the dog and gave her her treat. And decided to go back to bed.  No walk this morning. It wasn’t the nausea.  It wasn’t my aching knees. It wasn’t my sore feet, … Continue reading

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