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It Takes Courage To Cry

Oh, how I hate good-byes! The older I get, the worse they are. Recently, however, I’ve discovered a secret; If you ignore the event, it doesn’t hurt.  Yup.  You can just simply turn your back on it and pretend it … Continue reading

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If We All Had a Vandie!

My first thought this morning was, “maybe I just won’t go”. I had a good excuse; I thought I cracked a rib yesterday.  It was a silly thing – I leaned over the console in the car to reach my … Continue reading

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Down River

I’ve not yet read the book, but it sure has a good looking cover.  And I really like the title to boot!  So, I keep the book handy – by my bedside in case I get the urge to actually … Continue reading

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Cerebral Squalls

They come and blow your mind away They make mountains of your thoughts They will gather strong in billowed clouds You will find yourself distraught The sky can blacken all around Will cause your heart to race You fear the … Continue reading

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I need to teach

I feel like a trapped animal today.  My colleagues are back at work, back contributing to society.  Here I am.  At home.  Sipping coffee.  It seems my living conditions are quite wonderful.  I have shelter, food, space, water. Yet – … Continue reading

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You are Stronger Than You Think

“Are you hydrated?” This was the first question in the self-care, “Everything is awful and I’m not okay” checklist I read that someone had posted on facebook.  I don’t normally read those kinds of things that are posted there — … Continue reading

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Things teachers want their students to know…

Thought this morning, it may make and interesting spin to tell it as it is – from a teacher’s perspective.  I do not speak on behalf of all teachers – this is MY take based on MY thoughts of what … Continue reading

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