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Ah, La Pluie!

The sudden purge of angry skies The sodden path of muck The sonorous beat upon the roof And I become unstuck A burst of lighting in the air An angry crack of words A turbulent ride of feelings fly The … Continue reading

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From Emotional Health to Mental Healing

“I don’t understand why we don’t consider emotional health as important as mental health!” Maggie would say to me.  “Honestly, it is just as important – if not more so.  If people were able to talk about their emotions they … Continue reading

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Down River

I’ve not yet read the book, but it sure has a good looking cover.  And I really like the title to boot!  So, I keep the book handy – by my bedside in case I get the urge to actually … Continue reading

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Why do I write?

“I’m off to write my blog,” I explained to my 12 year-old David this morning.  He had risen good and early to capture every moment of his two-week vacation from homework and volleyball practices. “Will you read it to me … Continue reading

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Do you want to talk?

When I need to most – I don’t talk. It’s when I am suffering that I withdraw from the public.  I know that’s wrong.  It’s just human nature, I think.  We reach out when we feel stronger to accept help. … Continue reading

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Anxious Down the hole I go… Stop Try to get out and move forward… Slide If I let myself go I would slide… Invisible Strings that pull my head.. Pressure On my brain that seems to weigh my thoughts down … Continue reading

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Just under my skin…

Just under my skin lies a fear, a dread, that something awful is going to happen. I took a shower to relieve a sore shoulder muscle And out crawled the memory of the showers I took to relieve pain. I … Continue reading

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The Bell Toils for Thee

I had walked past it several times already but hadn’t thought much about it.  It was as unobtrusive as it was firmly attached to the wall at the entrance of the chemo suite at Royal Victoria Hospital’s Regional Cancer Care … Continue reading

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He said, but I heard…

It is never that I am operating at one speed for more than a day or two. Friday’s meeting with my surgeon left me feeling that there was no hope of ever being cancer-free.  He was speaking to me from … Continue reading

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Words change everything. “You have cancer, Stacey.”, I thought I heard the doctor say.  “We need to begin chemo-therapy before we can think about surgery.” Seriously. One little extra word (NOT) would have made such a big difference in what … Continue reading

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