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This is what it feels like to have (had) cancer…

The sun may shine and the kids may play – you may hear laughter, song, and you may dance.. BUT I will always be with you You will think of me with every stitch you get in your side I … Continue reading

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But did she wash the pan?

I w0ke up to a bang.  I listened to hear what it may have been.  The banging continued.  It was familiar.  I heard a tap run every once in a while and doors bang closed.  “Got it!” I said to … Continue reading

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Ashes to ashes

A fellow blogger, Mary Kendall,  (A Poet in Time) wrote a beautiful poem about sunflowers the other day.  All of her writing is so very beautiful.  It evoked some intense memories and emotions in me and I offered her a … Continue reading

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Good ‘ol Stace

Dear Dad: It has been so long since you and I have chatted with one another.  I do hope that you are well – I know Mum will be taking good care of you – among others no doubt. Kevin … Continue reading

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The Window

I walk past his room and peek in.   It is empty.  There is very little evidence that Ben was even there – other than the bed sheets are not as straight as they ought to be and the odd … Continue reading

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You made a difference.

I thought it would be like closing the page to the book – but it seems we have just begun another chapter. Wouldn’t it be nice if that happened more often – just when you think you’ve reached the end, … Continue reading

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One Full Step

This morning I walked downstairs one foot per step. It has been nearly two months since I’ve had to use two feet per step as  my achilles tendons have been so tight – a side effect of the antibiotic I … Continue reading

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Tempus Fugit

It seems the days go faster as I live from day to day From sunrise to sunset, there is barely time to play Mornings rise and shine with hope and meander like a stream I wonder if I am awake … Continue reading

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Just under my skin…

Just under my skin lies a fear, a dread, that something awful is going to happen. I took a shower to relieve a sore shoulder muscle And out crawled the memory of the showers I took to relieve pain. I … Continue reading

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I will always be with you

Mother’s Day No matter how old, no matter what circumstance, I still miss my Mom on Mother’s Day. My daughter wandered into my room yesterday morning to plan what we were going to do.  The boys had gone diving, so … Continue reading

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