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That was then – this is now

Let me Juxtapose Yesterday with today Uncertainty – stillness Fear – inner calm Losing my hair – growing my hair Ignorance – wisdom Blind faith – insightful faith Loss – Gain Conflict – Inner peace Seclusion – Community Cancer – … Continue reading

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Two days to go…

Two more days will bring me to the first anniversary of my cancer-posts!  And funnily enough, here I sit, post cancer.  What an interesting play on words… something I have always enjoyed doing.  In fact, my very first post – … Continue reading

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Never really silent

We walked in silence, but my mind was far from quiet. It is tough to calm the brain when there is so much to think about:  David left for camp, Anne’s aunt passed away, the back deck is being renovated, … Continue reading

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Another step

Today, I won’t look back.  As tempting as it is – it makes me sad – it makes me cry.  And I don’t want to cry. Today, I want to smile.  I want to feel the joy of the sunshine, … Continue reading

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Three Gratitudes

What does it take to be happy? There was a report on the news last night that actually answered that question.  It came as no surprise, though, to discover the suggestions:  be grateful, offer praise, and reflect. I have, throughout … Continue reading

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