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Hugs to the Mothers who hugged us tight Who held our hands and kissed us good-night Hugs to the Mothers who are in our dreams To some are icons, heroes, maybe even our memes! Hugs to the Mothers whose lessons … Continue reading

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Creating a Legacy

It had been sitting on my desk for a while.  I was afraid to open it.  Who knew what information it may contain?  That envelope that was addressed to me – from the Canadian Cancer Society – could only bring … Continue reading

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I love it!

It’s raining – and I love it. I’m resting – and I love it. It’s quiet – and I love it.  I’d love it even it were noisy! I’m losing Candy Crush – and that’s okay (I don’t love it, … Continue reading

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Chemo Brain = Old Age?

Is this what it feels like to get old?  If so – that sucks! I sat down with Katya for a good game of Scrabble yesterday.  I love that game and have always been good with words so I have … Continue reading

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