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It Takes Courage To Cry

Oh, how I hate good-byes! The older I get, the worse they are. Recently, however, I’ve discovered a secret; If you ignore the event, it doesn’t hurt.  Yup.  You can just simply turn your back on it and pretend it … Continue reading

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I’ll See You in My Dreams

When I was young, I walked alone Or at least that’s what I thought It was only me, myself, and I I was well schooled – but never taught And as I grew, I began to learn That “me” was … Continue reading

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Hugs to the Mothers who hugged us tight Who held our hands and kissed us good-night Hugs to the Mothers who are in our dreams To some are icons, heroes, maybe even our memes! Hugs to the Mothers whose lessons … Continue reading

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Life’s Pause

“It’s not what you accomplish in life that counts – it’s what you overcome” Well, the timing of that message to me from a friend this morning couldn’t have been more perfect.  It was a reminder to carry on.  And … Continue reading

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There will never be another good-bye

It was five years ago today;  I walked alone to the entrance of Royal Victoria Hospital – on the sidewalk leading to you.  But you were not there… you were already walking beside me;  You were already holding my hand. … Continue reading

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Lonely, by Tami Neilson

As a tribute to her father, Tami Neilson released this song today: Tami Neilson’s, Lonely Please take a moment to watch this beautiful woman sing to recognize the loss her mother suffered when her father passed away this past year. … Continue reading

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She hugged him

I didn’t see it coming – my meltdown. The barbecue began innocently enough.  There were neighbours, family, friends.  Everyone was gathering for the feast.  I had established my “place” beside friends, hunkered down into my seat, and was ready to … Continue reading

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Sometimes – there are moments when…

Sometimes There are moments when It seems so unfair Why me? I guess I’m just like everyone else who feels sorry for themselves Sometimes I resent the spring and all the wonderful things it brings Especially when I am so … Continue reading

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He held up a mirror on remission

I practically skipped into the doctor’s office yesterday.  Why wouldn’t I?  I felt great, I was getting help with my paper-work, and I am within spitting distance of my last chemo. Cindy, Dr. Kolesky’s administrative assistant, greeted me with a … Continue reading

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Being there but being far away

I guess it’s not easy to be the one that lives farthest away in times of crisis.  How must it feel to not know what is going on because of geography when everyone else, it seems is familiar with intimate … Continue reading

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