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This post is dedicated to my Dad, Flight Lieutenant William James Duff, who served overseas during WWII – on loan to the RAF. There was a time when these wings took flight And soared through the azure skies To distant … Continue reading

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Give me the right to think for myself

“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”, goes the tune playing in the background of a lip-dub I watching this morning. (View Video Here) The Canadian election has us all in knots. ¬†We have had the highest advance poll voter … Continue reading

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My Canada

My Canada is a land of freedom – but I must stand on guard that it remains that way. My Canada is a land of promise, of hope – but I must not simply expect that to happen. It is … Continue reading

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Are You Under the Influence?

Are You Under the Influence? Who or what has had the most significant and sustained influence over you than anything else? Take a moment to think about what type of a phone you buy, the fast-food joint you frequent, or … Continue reading

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