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Chemo Classes

The room was packed.  Well, it felt cramped.  I didn’t want to be close to anyone.  Who knew – they may all of have been carrying some sort of cold virus that I could contract and end up with a … Continue reading

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Hair Today

It swirls around and wraps my head It should go this way – but goes that way instead The colour, it seems, is all black and white The shade of my youth has given up her fight So simple to … Continue reading

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The Firewall

This summer, cancer walked behind me.  Today – it walks beside me.  I don’t want it to walk in front of me ever again.  And so – I put up a firewall between cancer and I.  That way, I can … Continue reading

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Do you want to talk?

When I need to most – I don’t talk. It’s when I am suffering that I withdraw from the public.  I know that’s wrong.  It’s just human nature, I think.  We reach out when we feel stronger to accept help. … Continue reading

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The mind is willing…

The mind is willing but the body is unable. How many times did I hear my Dad use this very quote?  Did I ever pay attention? No.  It wouldn’t have done any good anyhow – what could I do to … Continue reading

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And touch your toes

And touch you toes…. “Oh no, I won’t –  cuz I can’t!”  I thought this morning during Vandie’s pilates class. But Vandie does not give up that easily.  She kept insisting that I try.  My mind kept insisting that I … Continue reading

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Bon appetit!

I did it!  I got out of bed and went downstairs this morning!  Of course, I’m not sure I could have done it without Kevin and his invitation to our morning coffee. It has been a very long three days … Continue reading

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Tomorrow it is!

“You are low on your neutrophils, Stacey.”  Candy, my nurse, advised me today during my visit to determine how “fit” I was for chemo. My heart sunk to my feet.  That would mean a delay.  That would mean my “new … Continue reading

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One week from now is my last chemo day

One Week Today One week today will mark the end Then I can heal, be on the mend What things await just down the road? You tend to reap what you have sowed How have I been throughout this time? … Continue reading

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The Bell Toils for Thee

I had walked past it several times already but hadn’t thought much about it.  It was as unobtrusive as it was firmly attached to the wall at the entrance of the chemo suite at Royal Victoria Hospital’s Regional Cancer Care … Continue reading

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