Let Me Outside!

Oh, let me outside!

Outside – oh, outside!  A blue strip of sky pokes through the gray cloud with the promise of spring.  Lift me up, move me along, let me float through the clouds.  Let my mind take flight and soar far above…

Outside – oh out there!  The trees are in full bloom.  Their tender tendrils’ potential wait to erupt at the first hint of sun.  They are poised, ready to grow, ready to grow!  So many questions, so much to learn!  The young branches sway in the wind and play with the breeze.  They bounce and swing and inhale the glory of the morning.  Arms stretched to seize the day.

I need some of that outside inside today.  To bathe in the glory of the woods, to rinse in the chorus of the birds, to wrap in the warmth of the spring sun — ’tis the elixir my mind craves.  Point me in the right direction – towards the east – towards the rising sun.  There – is the light.  There is the beginning.  Point me to the door and lead me into the woods.  Let my feet touch the damp floors of the forest where the rain-sodden earth transforms old into new, rot into life, and lifts the mighty oak from the acorn.  Shower me in sunlight as I walk on the dappled path through the trees.  Let me hear the babble of the creek as it tells of its tales – the marvels of the world – the depths of the oceans!

Let the outside come in and fill me today.  Open my eyes to see beyond the flesh.  Ground me in your spring, root me in your soil, let me grow in joy.  Let me outside!


About inmycorner

This blog began as an opportunity to tell my Dad's stories. I sat with him and the computer and together we told stories. It was a wonderful way to get to know Dad. He was 9. He and Mom had a wonderful life together and since she passed away a year and a half before him - Dad was ready to join her. I no longer tell his stories but have found stories of my own. The impetus to resume this blog was the discovery that I had stage 4 ovarian cancer. Since blogging had been so therapeutic for my dad and I to get through our grief, I felt maybe this would be a good outlet to process my situation. I also hoped it may serve as an outreach to anyone else who is facing this very ominous journey. So far, so good.
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9 Responses to Let Me Outside!

  1. Beautiful thoughts. Are you folks drenched lika a lot of the SE areas?

  2. I was exactly ‘there’ yesterday. 🙂 It revives me for todays.

    • inmycorner says:

      Yeah – kind of talked myself into the outdoors walk. Been pretty depressing here lately — but it worked!

      • We just came through SUNNY, then RAINY AND COLD, and SUNNY today again. My body has NO idea where it is. 😉 Enjoy!!!! (We did a hike in the cold and rain because it’s all we had!)

  3. Judy says:

    Your words were beautiful and inspiring! I’ve been indoors a lot and appreciate the sensations that only nature can stir within. I’m going on a trip in another week to Alaska and am very excited about the scenery I am going to enjoy! Thanks you are sharing your heart and sweet writing, as always, Stacey.

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