Give me the right to think for myself

“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”, goes the tune playing in the background of a lip-dub I watching this morning.

(View Video Here)

The Canadian election has us all in knots.  We have had the highest advance poll voter turn-out in … well… a very, very long time.  Does that mean Canadians are ready for a change?  Does it mean we are fighting to maintain the status quo?  It is tough to say.

I do know, however, there is a lot of animated discussion on facebook and on other social media that seems to be divisive and hurtful.  And it is thanks to the spin doctors who are distorting the politicians’ words and taking them out of context.  Ads are meant to persuade not educate.  It is frustrating to watch.  I must confess though that my own feathers become ruffled when I feel someone is being wrongfully convicted of saying or doing something that is immoral or illegal. We are being subjected to some dirty spinning.

This morning, after receiving an appeal from a friend who had been attacked by another passionate Canadian who was influenced by the media, I watched a little video produced by a woman who was fighting cancer.  It was graphic and it took me right back to the time I spend over the course of last year – fighting for my life.  Funny how all political spin disappeared.  It just was not important anymore.  Did my ego give way when I realized how silly it was to be fighting the wrong battle?  I felt a little more grounded by the raw humanity of the video – of the memory of just what I need to be fighting for.

I wonder if others were to watch this clip – would they too end the nonsense?

We are all Canadian.  We all want what is best for Canada.  There are differences of opinions, but I’m sure that no one wakes up thinking they want to piss someone off – or advocate for something that is immoral.  No one does that.  Issues that have been so warped:

  • whether to allow Canadian women to wear the Niqab – or not – really???
  • whether a prime ministerial candidate is educated about how to balance a budget or not — seriously???
  • whether to legalize or de-criminalize marijuana or not — a hot button topic but not worthy of a divided nation
  • whether a prime ministerial candidate is “evil” – come on now!!!!

Crazy!  Below the belt.  Crap.  Spinning.

Political spinners and their craft is what ought to be illegal.  Put a ban on the commercials!  No one has a right to persuade in a fear-mongering style or any other style for that matter.

And what is most important of all to all of us is life!  I remember that now.

I long to read the news without the spin.  I want to focus on facts. My doctor gave me facts – not spin – when he told me about my cancer.  Thank goodness.  He respected me enough to know that I would put my own interpretation on the facts.  He respected my intelligence.

This video — gives me my own self-respect back — it grounds me and reminds me what I am living for and that my fight is worth it.  What didn’t kill me did make me stronger – and now I am standing up to fight for my right to think.  I’m pretty sure that’s what we call democracy – the right to think for ourselves.

About inmycorner

This blog began as an opportunity to tell my Dad's stories. I sat with him and the computer and together we told stories. It was a wonderful way to get to know Dad. He was 9. He and Mom had a wonderful life together and since she passed away a year and a half before him - Dad was ready to join her. I no longer tell his stories but have found stories of my own. The impetus to resume this blog was the discovery that I had stage 4 ovarian cancer. Since blogging had been so therapeutic for my dad and I to get through our grief, I felt maybe this would be a good outlet to process my situation. I also hoped it may serve as an outreach to anyone else who is facing this very ominous journey. So far, so good.
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8 Responses to Give me the right to think for myself

  1. Pam Fitzsimmons says:

    I agree, do away with the ads. Social media has become the end-all, be-all source for a lot of people. That being said…if it’s on the internet, it must be true 🙂

  2. pixieannie says:

    It takes something like this to ground us…. humbling. Have those socks arrived yet?

    • inmycorner says:

      Oh – I JUST OPENED them tonight!!! My daughter fought me for them — of course – I won – for now. Will take a photo tomorrow (tonight the Jays play!) You are too cool for words, pixiannie! That was very very sweet of you to send me those socks. What a treat to get something in the mail and wow – funky!

      • pixieannie says:

        That’s wonderful news. You are most welcome. I’m still working on ‘the other thing,’ just a little crazy here right now. Much love as always x

      • inmycorner says:

        I HAVE to find the right venue/ setting in which to wear them for a photo op! “The other thing” – you have me intrigued! Still, that was very kind of you to think of me needed some funky socks!

  3. We have a powerful Press in this country and it’s amazing just how they can present “the facts” to slant or fudge issues. At the dinner table yesterday we were discussing how, years ago, John Turner was hailed as “The Great White-Haired Hope” in a big front-page spread before he was elected leader of his party. But once he was PM it seems everything he said & did was wrong, according to the media. They have their own agenda; best not count on “unbiased” reporting.

    • inmycorner says:

      So true, Christine. I am happy that at least social media has taken some power back . I am not happy that people believe everything we read. Seems to me the education system ought to tackle that!

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